Call Detail Report

The call detail report provides a highly detailed record of all call activity on your Evolution PBX. 

Call Detail Reports (CDR) can be used to view all call types (outbound, inbound, or internal) for a particular extension or a specific trunk (phone line). Reports can also be generated based off of other resources, such as skills or queues. When skills are selected the report will display all calls for the extension(s) belonging to the selected skill. When queues are selected the report will only display inbound calls to the selected queues.  CDR reports also include call recordings when available.

Report Columns

Column Description
Route Defines the route the call took, can be INBOUND, INTERNAL, FORWARDED, or any specific route as defined in the Outbound Dial Map.
Dialed Number Displays the number that was dialed. This is also be referred to as DNIS.
Source Where the call originated from. Also referred to as ANI.
Destination Where the call terminated (completed).
Queue If the call was routed to a queue (or an extension group), the queue number will be displayed here.
OrderID Set as an option within the Dialing Campaigns to help identify specific call records that belong to a campaign.
Date The date and time the call started (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS).
Duration The total duration of the call (HH:MM:SS).
Status The status or disposition of the call. See the table below for additional info.
Recording If a recording is present, you can listen to it with the play button or delete it with the red X button.


Additional information regarding the status types in the CDR reports

Column Description
ANSWERED The call was answered
ABANDON The caller ended the call before it is answered
BUSY The call was rejected or Do Not Disturb was enabled on the phone
The destination, E.G. a SIP phone or end point, is unavailable/offline
NOTAUTH The call was not able to be terminated (due to a mis-dial or unauthorized route)
NOANSWERTIMEOUT Call was not answered in the extension group and continued onto the next step in the route
NOANSWER No extension(s) answered; the call ended in voicemail if part of the route
CANCELTIMEOUT Call entered a queue and timed out, as it proceeded to an extension the the caller hung up 

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