iView 2.0 (Evolution 3 & 4)

This article is about iView 2.x, which was available as an optional feature on Evolution versions 3 and 4.  

This article does not apply to Evolution version 5. For information on iView 3.0 in Evolution version 5 please visit the iView User Interface or iView pages.


iView 2.x runs on Java which will need to be installed locally on any PC that is going to use the client.

You can find the latest java download here:   https://www.java.com/en/download/

As of 09/2017, Java 8 Update 144 will work with the iView client:


If you are running a 64 bit Operating System you will need to install a 64 bit version of Java.
If you are running a 32 bit Operating System you will need to install a 32 bit version of Java.

iView 2.x Client

Once java is installed on the local PC, you can proceed with the iView client installation.  Browse to 'Resources' → 'iView':

Under the iView tab there are links to the various client downloads (red box) as well as some general configuration parameters including the client password (green box) as shown here:

It is recommended to leave the 'Basic Config' as well as the 'Permissions' fields set enabled so Evolution can create the appropriate configuration for your users.

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