iView User Interface

iView user interface

This article provides an overview of the iView GUI and demonstrates how to adjust some of the settings and views.

The iView GUI

Below is a example display of the user interface with no active calls:

The iView user interface with an active call between two local extensions:

Call Colors:

Calls display with various colors in iView depending upon the status of the extension and the type of call.  The screenshot above provides a visual example of this.


A white colored extension signifies an idle registered extension

Light Grey

Light grey extensions signifies an unregistered extension

Dark Grey

A Dark Grey colored call indicates the call is currently on hold


Yellow signifies a ringing call. Both inbound and outbound calls show as yellow when ringing

Light Green

Light green defines an external call

Dark Green

Dark green calls are calls between local resources, e.g. extensions, conference rooms, voicemail boxes


An orange call signifies a call that originated from a queue

Locally Available Call Options

Some of the locally available options available during a call:

The 'phone w/arrow' icon will hangup the active call

The 'microphone' icon will record the active call

The 'pause' button will place the call on hold

The 'P' button will park the active call

How to add Widgets to iView Dashboard

The iView user display includes the ability to add/remove/change the sections of the dashboard.  Below you can see the bottom left hand panel is blank, with a  ⊕.

If you click on the ⊕, you will be prompted with a windows similar to this:

From here, using the left hand navigation menu, you can add multiple widgets to the dashboard including:

  • My Stream
  • Users
  • Parking Lots
  • Conference Rooms
  • Queues
  • Voicemail
  • Recordings
  • CRM

After adding the Conference Room 14002 to the iView interface, it appears as shown below.

Note the active conference call being displayed in the conference room and 5840 is on a call (the conference call):

If you are looking for more information regarding the server side settings for iView take a look at this article.

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