iView 3.0

iView 3.0

This article is about iView 3.0 for Evolution 5, and contains information regarding:

iView is an optional, easy-to-use, Java based Operator Console for managing phone calls directly from within your web browser.

iView operators can see the extensions within your organization and monitor the availability of your personnel from any location. This enables iView users to see all incoming calls, calls on hold and parked calls as well as the status of all users in your company, allowing you to effectively and efficiently manage your resources via iView’s intuitive drag and drop user interface.

iView Server Setting

The server settings for iView are administered through the phone profiles.

To access the server settings for iView, you will need to browse to 'Resources' → 'Profiles' in Evolution's interface and select the pertinent profile.

Scroll to the bottom of the profile settings and you will see these available options:

These settings, explained in detail:

Setting Description
Record Own Call Allows the user to record on demand calls received or placed from their extension from within the iView interface
Set Own Status Users can set their own status in iView (Available, In a Meeting, On Vacation, Out to Lunch, Working Hard)
Add Temp Conf Room Permit users to create a temporary Conference room from within the iView GUI
Pause Self Allow users to pause themselves in a queue
Delete Own Voicemail Permit users to delete voicemails from within their voicemail box
Put Call on Hold Allows users to put calls on hold from with the iView interface
Steal from Queue Enable stealing of calls currently in a queue to a destination of the users choosing
Record Other Call Permit users to record remote extension calls
Originate Call Allow users to originate calls from the iView GUI to remote extensions
Barge Call Permit users to barge in on remote extensions calls
Chat If this feature is enabled, users can chat via the iView software with remote extensions
Login Other Agent Permit users to login/logout other agents to queues
Steal Call Enable users to retrieve calls from remote extensions
Set User's Status Allow users to set other users statuses (Available, In a Meeting, On Vacation, Out to Lunch, Working Hard)
Park Call Permit users to park and retrieve parked calls from within the iView GUI
Pause Agent Allow users to pause agents
Steal From Conf Allow a user to retrieve calls from a conference room
Kick from Conf Allow iView users to kick conference users from the conferences rooms on the PBX

iView Client Access Instructions

  1. To access the client interface you will need to browse to:

iView user interface

Below is a example display of the user interface with no active calls:

The iView user interface with an active call between two local extensions:

If you would like additional info on iView take a look at the iView User Interface article.

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