Realtime Monitoring

Realtime monitoring can be used to listen to active calls on the system.

Configuring Real Time Monitoring Rules

Browse to 'Administration' → 'Realtime Monitoring' and the currently active Monitor codes will be displayed as shown here:

To edit the existing records, use the pencil icon, alternatively, if you wish to purge a record, you can use the red X.

You can also create a new code by selecting 'Add Monitor Code' near the top of the page.

If you do, you will be presented with a window similar to this:

The fields in this window are described in more detail here:

Setting Description
Dial Code The code that will be dialed to access the Realtime Monitor
Comment A comment for documentation purposes, I.E. the name of the department or user being monitored
Start Date The date this monitor code will become valid; can be left blank to make it active upon saving the record
End Date The date this monitor code will expire; can be left blank if no expiration date is desired
Extension Choose an Extension or Extension Group; the extension or extension group are selected in the 'Number' field
Number The drop down in this menu are determined by the 'Extension' field defined above. Select the extension or extension group that will be monitored

An example of how a Realtime Monitor might be configured:

In the screenshot above, access code 5697 will monitor extension 5005, but only between 04/05/2016 @ noon and 07/08/2016 @ 1pm.

How to Access Real Time Monitoring

To access the Real Time Monitors after you have create the Real Time Monitoring Code you will need to dial *15 from any phone on the system.

When you do you will be prompted for the access (dial) code followed by the pound key.  After entering the code successfully the system should reply with a 'Thank You', at which point you are actively monitoring the extension(s) defined in the Real Time Monitoring Code.

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