This article explains how to manage backups on your Evolution PBX

After logging into Evolution, if your browse to 'Administration' → 'Backups' you should see a page similar to this:

The date and time column show what date and time the the backup was ran.

The Type column shows the type of backup. I.E Daily, Manual, etc.

The 'Run Backup' link will create a manual backup when clicked (highlighted in Red).  After the creation of the backup has completed, it will present in the list of backups.

If you click on the 'Upload Backup' link will, you will be prompted with this window where you are able to upload the appropriate backup file:

The icons to the right of the backups have the functionality as described below:

In order to restore a backup, click the cylinder with green arrow icon
To delete a backup, click on the red X
To download a copy of the backup for archiving, click on the cylinder with a chain icon

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