Caller ID Routing

Caller ID Routing can be utilized to route calls based on the Caller ID of the calling party.

In order to configure the CID routing, browse to 'Call Routing' → 'Caller ID Routing' 

An example CID Routing configuration:

In the screenshot above, any calls that do not explicitly match the two Caller ID's entered will be routed to the default destination, the Auto Attendant labelled 'Main'.

If the Caller ID of the calling party is an exact match to 6025897426, it will be routed to extension 306/Joe, where as if the CID matches 6234317366 it will be routed to extensions 310/John.

The settings of the CID Routing Window and their potential values are as as follows:

Setting Description
Template Name The descriptive name of the CID Routing record
Description A description for the inbound route that will display on the phone receiving the call (optional)
ANI Number The Caller ID number to match and route
The ANI field field accepts numbers as shown above, as well as variables.  When using variables you must start the field with _
For Example: _520XXXXXXX 

X matches any digit from 0-9
Z matches any digit from 1-9
N matches any digit from 2-9
.  matches any digit
!  matches any digit immediately
Route To The type of destination the call will be routed to; available options include: Extension, Extension Group, Auto Attendant, Custom Routing Rules, Voicemail Box and Voicemail Group Box
Location The specific destination where the calls will be routed, I.G. the extension, or auto attendant etc.

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