Button Mapping

Button Mapping is designed to allow you to assign various specific functions to desired keys on phones from within Evolution.

Note: Whenever a button map is modified, the extension(s) must be re-saved in the Evolution GUI and then the phone(s) rebooted in order to update the configuration

To manage the button mapping, log into Evolution and browse to 'Resources' → 'Button Mapping'.

If this option is not present, or if you are limited to a single button map due to your Professional license, you may need to upgrade. You can contact our sales team to find out more info.

In the screenshot above we have two templates, one named 'Default' and one named 'Test'. To edit the existing records, select the pencil icon to the right of the record name, alternatively to delete a record, use the red X.

If you click on 'New Record' (highlighted below) a template will pop up in a new window.  The red arrows point out the fields we need to populate for the new record.

The fields in the New Record window consist of:

Setting Description
Template Name The name of the Button Map template you are creating
Line Number The button position in relation to the rest of the buttons
Line Desc. The Description for the line that will appear on the phones interface
Map To The destination for the entry/What will be dialed upon utilizing the button
The various destinations for the 'Map To' field consist of :

1. Empty 
2. Extension BLF
3. Conference Room BLF
4. Extension Group BLF
5. Parkinglot BLF 
6. Voicemail Transfer
7. Extension Page
8. Extension Group Page
9. Time of Day Bypass
10. Speed Dial
11. Agent Login

Here is an example of a button map with multiple options defined:

In this example we have created a 2 extension BLF's, followed by a Voicemail transfer, then a Time of Day Bypass, as well as a speed dial and two additional extension BLF's

After creating the button map, you will need to ensure it is applied to new extensions, or retroactively apply it to existing extensions.

When editing or creating an extension, the 'Button Map' drop down allows you to select the appropriate button map:

Note: Please do not delete the default button map from Evolution in version 5.0.6 or before!  If the Default Button map has been deleted, please open a support ticket.

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