Time-of-day Routes

Time of day routing is utilized to define call routing based on times and days of the week. For example you may want your phones to ring during the day then go to an auto attendant in the evening.

This is how the time of day input windows appears:

dThe following chart describes the fields and their settings within this window in more detail:

Setting Description
Route Name Route name is the name of this Time of Day Route
Default Destination This is where calls will go if there is no condition met in the conditions list. It is recommended that you use this as your "after hours" or "closed" route.
Route by This is where you begin to add your "open" hours conditions. This setting will allow you to select creating a condition that covers a week (Day) or just a single day (Date)
Choose days These will show if you are in day mode. Select the days you would like to apply a condition for. Make sure the start stop times for these days will all be the same. if you have different start stop times for example on Saturday then add these conditions separate.
Start and End time This will show on either day or date mode. it is simply when you would like the condition to start then end.
Send Calls to This is where you would like the calls to go to if this condition is met. You can select Auto Attendants, Extensions, Extension Groups, and custom routing rules.
Conditions This is a list of the current conditions you have set for this time of day route.
Add Condition Button This will add the currently configured condition to the list. You can delete conditions by clicking the delete link next to each condition in the condition list.

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