Speed Dial Numbers

Speed dial numbers provide shortcuts to calling standard telephone numbers. These numbers are available to all extensions configured on Evolution UC. Dial speed numbers like you would dial any extension number and the number will be completed as though the entire number was dialed.

To Configure a Speed Dial Number

  1. In Evolution, click the Call Routing tab then click Speed Dial Numbers.
  2. Click New Record and the configuration screen displays.
  3. In the Name field enter a descriptive name for the code.
  4. In the Speed Dial Code field, enter the number that you would like to use as a speed dial code.
  5. In the Number field, enter the number that you would like to be called when this speed dial code is activated. Note: Enter the number exactly as you would if dialing it from your telephone (for example, include the 1 if it is a long distance number).
  6. Click Save to save your changes.

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