Custom Routing Rules

Custom Routing Rules (also known as Custom Routing Tables or CRTs) allow the administrator to create advanced call routing steps. A call routed to a Custom Routing Rule will begin at the top with the first step and continue down executing each subsequent step sequentially until there are no more steps (the call will be disconnected), the call is disconnected, or the call is answered (by an extension or an application such as voice mail.

Setting Description
CRT Number The unique identification number for the Custom Routing Rule.
CRT Name

A name for easy identification of the Custom Routing Rules or its function.


Check to make this step active, to mark this step to be saved, and to display an additional blank step to edit.

Send Calls To

The category or target type for where the call is to be sent (Extension, Extension Group, Auto Attendant, Custom Routing Rules, Voicemail Box, Voicemail Group).

Location The specific Extension, Extension Group, Auto Attendant, Custom Routing Rules, Voicemail Box, or Voicemail Group that the call should be sent to.

The length of time in seconds that the call should spend on this step before proceeding to the next step.

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