Storage Settings

To manage the storage settings on your Evolution system, log in and browse to Administration → Storage Settings.  When you do the system presents you with a screen that looks like this:

The settings and values associated with them are described in more detail below.

Setting Description
Log Storage Number of days to retain log files
Log Level Defines the level of logging to be written to the log files; each level includes the previously level of logging.  For example, the Warning level includes Warning and Critical.
Daily Backups The number of daily backups to retain, this is independent of the Monthly backups
Monthly Backups The number of monthly backups to retain, this is independent of the Daily backups
Recovery Mode This available feature enables the High Availability (HA), if you did not purchase this option contact our sales team for information and pricing
Remote Backup This is a multi use field, depending upon your recovery method.  Options are:
  • Email Backup -
  • FTP Backup - host^user^pass
  • Warm Failover - IP Address of redundant system
  • Hot Failover - IP Address of redundant system
  • Backup System - IP Address of Primary system
CDR Storage Number of months to store Call Detail Records listed under 'historical reporting'. Call Detail records are required to retrieve a call monitor.
Monitors Number of days to retain the audio monitors (recordings).  If you need to archive a monitor, be sure to download it from your Evolution system.
Remote Recordings Optional feature;  If purchased, the remote recording server address should be input as:^user^pass
Voicemail Storage Controls where voicemail is stored.  
  • IMAP - Stores voicemail on the masternode in IMAP format
  • ODBC - Stores voicemail on the masternode in a Database
  • Files - Stores the voicemail locally.  Forwarding voicemails to other nodes is not supported with this setting.  Appropriate for a single site environment.

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