How to Evo 4 to 5 Upgrade Notes

This guide provides an overview of how to manually upgrade your Evolution system from version 4.x to version 5.x

The most efficient way to upgrade a 4.x Evolution system to a 5.x Evolution system is to use a lab or test-bed environment to create a backup that can be imported into the freshly loaded 5.0 system.

A general overview of the steps involved:

  1. Build a 5.X Evolution system on a virtual machine or test-bed platform.
  2. License with the PBX's normal license (Support will need to clear it out for you).
  3. Complete the first run wizard to bring the new 5.0 lab box online.
  4. Manually replicate the configuration from the 4.x system to the new 5.0 lab box.
  5. After completing the replication, run a manual backup and download a copy of it locally.
  6. At this point the test bed can be decommissioned

  7. After downloading the backup you will need to load Evolution 5.0 on the production hardware.  Be sure the box has internet access while it is loading the version 5 ISO.
  8. Once the 5.0 software has completed loading (about an hour) you will need to complete the first run wizard to bring the system online.
  9. After completing the first run wizard the system will reboot and you will be able to login to the blank Evolution 5.0 system.
  10. Login and upload the 5.0 backup you created from the test-bed/lab system.
  11. Restore Evolution to the uploaded backup.
  12. Reboot the PBX

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