First Run Wizard

This article describes the First Run Wizard and how to start the configuration of your Evolution system.

The First Run Wizard is invoked post a successful install, or on the first boot of a purchased system.

The initial screen of the First Run Wizard you are presented with will appear like this :

If the system is a master/stand alone system, select 'Master' from the drop down.  Alternatively, if the system is a slave or backup to another system select 'slave' or 'backup' as necessary.

After selecting the appropriate node type you will be prompted for your license key as shown here:

Enter your license key and click on 'Forward'.

After selecting the appropriate node type, click on 'Forward', after which you will be presented with this screen:

Ensure you properly populate the fields according to the local environment Evolution will reside in.

Setting Description
IP Address The IP Address that Evolution will be on the LAN
Default Gateway The gateway for Evolution to access the internet
Subnet Mask The subnet mask for the LAN/IP address Evoution resides on
Primary DNS The primary DNS server Evolution will utilize for DNS resolution
Secondary DNS The secondary DNS server Evolution will utilize for DNS resolution
If Evolution is using a NAT device to get to the internet this should be set to 'yes', if not, set to 'no'
Admin Password
The password admin will use to access the Evolution interface

After you have populated all the fields and input a password for the Admin user, click on 'Forward'.

This screen prompts you for the extension range as well as the Timezone and if Evolution is going to be a local DHCP server or not. After you have selected the appropriate time zone, extension range and whether or not you will be using Evolution as a DHCP server, click on 'Forward".

The next screen shows the wizard has been completed and the PBX will need to be rebooted.

Click on 'Reboot PBX'.  After Evolution reboots, make sure to access your Evolution server via the IP that was input in step 2 above.

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