User Interface (A.K.A. Find Me Follow Me)

The User interface allows end users to access the their individual Find-Me-Follow-Me (FMFM), Voicemail and Voicemail Greetings, as well as Unified Messaging, and a CDR specific to their extension.

The User interface is accessible from within the extensions listing as the administrator or from the main Evolution login screen as a user. 

Accessing the User Interface

As the Administrator

If you are logged in as the administrator browse to 'Resources' → Phone 'Extensions'.  From here you can access the User Interface by clicking on the 'Person with Key' icon as highlighted below:

As the End User

To access the User Interface as a user you will need to login as your extension number with your voicemail password from the main login screen:

The Interface


After logging in and gaining access to the user interface you will be presented with the Find-Me-Follow-Me tab:

The FMFM tab allows the end users to control the call flow for their extension, including:

  • Forwarding to another extension or a cell/PSTN number
  • Simulring with other extensions
  • Which voicemail box calls will be routed to
If you configure FMFM rules, be sure to enable them!

Unified Messaging

Unified messaging allows you to screen calls while callers attempt to locate you, as well as setup direct faxing to your extension.

You can further define whether the caller hears Music on Hold or ringing while you are being located, as well as if you would like to be prompted with the users name when screening calls (extremely helpful if you are mobile).  If you enabled faxing, be sure to enter an email address in the 'send my fax's to this extension or email address' field.

My Voicemail - Messages

The My Voicemail tab allows you to access you voicemail from within the Evolution GUI.

In this example you can see that extension 706's inbox contains 2 messages.

The buttons on the right allow you to manage your voicemails:

To play a message, click the play button:
To download a copy of the Voice message click on
the CD with a green arrow icon:
To Delete a voicemail, click the red X:

My Voicemail - Greetings

The Greetings tab under 'My Voicemail' allows you to manage the greetings for your voicemail box.  If you click the 'CD with Green Plus' icon on the right hand side, you will be prompted for an audio file to upload as your greeting.

My Call History

The Call history tab in the User Interface provides CDR reporting specific to the user who's interface you are accessing.

Be sure to highlight the extension on the left hand side (706 in this case) and select the appropriate report type, range and dates, as well as the call type.

An Example of the end user CDR report:

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