How to setup Hot Desking Extensions

Evolution PBX supports Hot desking, i.e., the ability for a user to utilize any active phone on the system as if it was their phone at their desk, logging out when done, and hence, freeing up the desk.

In order to setup a hotdesk extension, you will need to ensure you have a registered working phone for the user on your Evolution server.

The first step to configuring a hot desk user is to create the extension the user will be using.  

To do that browse to 'Resources' → 'Phone Extensions'.  Click on the 'Add Extension' drop down and select 'Hotdesk-Agent' from the list as shown:

In the new device window for the Hotdesk agent, you will need to input the the subjective extension information as necessary:
The agent field is the extension number as well as the user login.

The password field is used to define the password used by the agent to login as a hotdesk extension.
If you would like additional info on building extensions and the values of the fields shown in the screenshot above, please reference  How to create an Extension in Evolution or  Evolution Phone Extensions
After the extension has been created, the user simply needs to dial *30 from any phone on the PBX and login as the extension number and password input when creating the extension.

To logout, the agent will need to dial *30 again.

The CDR reports will show the call activity for the hotdesking extension as if it was a stand alone device.  

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