How to Create an Extension in Evolution

This article explains how to create an extension in Evolution.

The first thing you will need to do is log into the Evolution interface and select 'Phone Extensions' from the 'Resource' tab as shown here:

After the 'Phone Extensions' tab displays, you will need to click on 'Add Extension' near the top center right of the page, ensuring you select the appropriate model and brand of phone you are adding.

If you are adding a softphone or a model not listed, use 'Generic SIP'.  If the model you are adding is included in the drop down, be sure you properly enter the MAC address associated with the phone.

After choosing the correct model you will be prompted with a window  that looks like this:

The settings for creating an extension are as follows:

Setting Description
Extension The extension number of the phone you are adding to the PBX
Phone Type Selected in the previous step; the model of the Polycom phone you are adding, in this case a Polycom VVX300 Series Device
MAC Address The MAC address of the phone 
Remote Phone For a phone that resides on the same network as Evolution choose 'No', for a remote phone choose 'Yes-Primary' if the phone is a stand alone device, if the phone is not a stand alone device, choose 'Yes-Backup' or 'Yes-Both'
Parent Extension Use Master if this is a parent extensions, alternatively you can choose the extension the phone will be a slave under
Mailbox Select 'Personal' to create a personal mailbox, 'None' for no mailbox, or, if present on the PBX, general and other users voicemail boxes will also be available as an option
Caller ID Name The PSTN Caller ID Name of the extension 
Caller ID Number The PSTN Caller ID Number of the extension
Profile Choose the appropriate profile to associate with the phone
Button Map Select default for standard buttons, or choose a custom made button map

After the subjective information has been input into the appropriate fields, be sure to click on save to create the extension.

Generic SIP

If you utilized a 'Generic SIP' device, you are presented with a screen that looks like this when you save the extension:

The information pertinent to setting up your Generic SIP device is displayed in this window.  You will need to note the password provided by the system, as well as the extension, the IP or Domain Name of the server and the port.

If you exit out of this window, you can re-access this information by editing the extension from within Evolution, and clicking on the 'i' in a blue circle near the top left as seen here:

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