How to Upload MP3's for Music on Hold

If you would like to create a custom Music on Hold (MoH) playlist you will need to upload MP3's to Evolution.

If you browse to 'Administration' → 'Music on Hold' you are presented with the MoH classes that currently exist on the system.

You will need to upload your MP3's to the appropriate MoH class to create a playlist.  More info on managing and creating classes for MoH can be found here:  Music on Hold

Select the appropriate class (10 or 11 below) and, utilizing the pencil icon to edit, open the class.

After the class of MoH has opened (class 11 in this case), you will need to use the 'Choose File' button to browse to where the MP3 is on your local PC.

After selecting a valid MP3, click on 'upload'. 

It will take a few minutes for the processing of your new MoH file, please be patient while it processes the file:

After which you should see a screen similar to this, confirming the file has been added to the MoH Class:

If you have additional files to upload to the class, follow the same process of selecting the file, uploading it to be processed and verifying it displays in the resulting playlist.  After uploading all the files you would like to be a part of the class, be sure to click the save button to apply the changes.

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