How to Setup a SPA112

This article explains how to setup a Cisco SPA112 Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA)

You will first need to create an extension in Evolution; be sure to create a Generic SIP extension.

After the extension has been created you will configure the ATA to register with the PBX.

In order to start the configuration of the SPA112 device, you will need to access it via a web browser. To access the device via a web browser you will need to find out the IP address it has been assigned on your network.

There are two ways to get the IP Address:
  1. The first is to get the IP assigned via DHCP by your router from the DHCP assignment table/list. You will need to find the Devices MAC address to associate it with the IP Lease on the DHCP server.
  2. The second is from the device itself, with an analog phone connected.  You will need to dial **** (star 4 times), after which a message will play.  Following the message dial 110 from the analog phone and the adapter will read out the current IP address of the ATA.

After you have acquired the IP Address of the SPA 112, open up a web browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, and go to http://ip.of.the.device from step 2.

You should be presented with a login screen:

The default user and pass is admin

After logging into, you should see screen with a Quick Setup screen like this:
Using the information provided by Evolution in Step 1 when you created a generic SIP device as seen here:

Input the Address in the Proxy field, the Password in the password field, the username in the User ID field and the display field for Line 1 (or 2 if necessary). After you have input all of the appropriate information, be sure to click on 'Submit' near the bottom of the page.

After the SPA112 reboots you will need to browse to the GUI or refresh the page and login again (step #3)

After you have logged back in, click on 'Voice' → 'Information', from here you can verify the extension is registered.

If the 'Registration State' field is shown as 'Registered', similar to below, the device is online and registered with Evolution.

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