How to Create a Fax Extension in Evolution

This article will explain how to create a Fax extension in Evolution

Creating a fax extension is similar to creating an extension in Evolution, with a few minor modifications as noted below.

In order to setup a fax you will need to log into your PBX, ensuring you are viewing the extension list under the 'Resources' tab → 'Phone Extensions':

Click on the drop down labelled 'Add Extension' near the top center right of the page, selecting 'Fax' as seen here:

After you have selected 'fax' from the extension creation drop down, a screen that looks like this will appear:

The settings for the user selectable options are as follows:

Setting Description
Primary Node The node the fax extension will be created on
Extension The extension number of the fax extension
Email The email address received faxes will be delivered to
Parent Extension If setting up as part of a user's Unified Communications, the parent extension associated with the fax extension

If applicable, select the node from the drop down you would like this extension created on.  Then using the drop down on the left labelled 'extension', select the extension number you would like the fax to be (in this case 5838), and enter the email address where the faxes are to be delivered in the field labelled 'Email'.

If the fax is a master extension be sure to select 'Master' from the 'Parent Extension' field.

Click save; you have now created a Fax extension.

In order to receive faxes at this new extension, we will need to point an inbound route at it.

Do do that browse to 'Resources' → 'Phone Lines' and select the appropriate Trunk that contains the DID we are adding or changing.

Ensure the DID is added/modified correctly in the 'DNIS/DID' field.  Following that, select 'Extension' from the 'Send Calls To' drop down, and finally, select the extension you just created as the destination under the 'target' drop down.

In the example above DID 602.249.5784 has been pointed at fax extension 5838.

Now when faxing to 602.249.5784, fax extension 5838 will answer and email the fax as a PDF attachment to email address defined during the creation of the extension.

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