How to add a users Email Address

This article explains how to add a users email address to Evolution.

In order to add a users email address to Evolution you will need to have created an extension that is associated with a voicemail box, or created a standalone voicemail box.

Once a voicemail box exist, we will edit it and add the users email address.

To do that you will need to browse to 'Resources' → 'Voicemail' and select the pencil icon to the right of the voicemail box you are editing:

Once you have selected the appropriate voicemail box to edit you will be presented with a window like this:

From here you will need to add the users email address to the 'Email Address field'.

If the user is going to be setup for email notifications, you will also need to add their email address to the 'Notification Email/Ph' field.

Once you have entered the correct email address, be sure to select the appropriate value from the 'Attach Voicemail' drop down.  

If 'Attach Voicemail' is set to:

  • Yes   - Voicemails will be included with the email as an attachment
  • No     - The user will receive an email advising them they have a voicemail waiting on the PBX which they can access via their phone

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