How to setup a X-lite or Bria Softphone

This article explains how to configure your X-Lite or Bria softphone as an extension on your Evolution PBX.

The first thing you will need to do to setup your Counterpath softphone is to create an extension in Evolution.

Be sure to select 'Generic SIP' for the phone type.

After you have an extension configured, you will need to open the Bria or X-Lite softphone and select 'Account Settings' under the 'Softphone' menu:

After you select 'Account Settings' you will be prompted with a screen that looks similar to the one below:

General info about the fields displayed under the account settings are as follows:

Setting Description
Account Name A descriptive name for the account you are configuring
User ID The Username provided by Evolution, a.k.a. the extension number (required)
Domain The IP or Domain Name of the Evolution PBX (required)
Password The password provided by Evolution (required)
Display Name The name you would like this account to appear as (required)
Authorization Name The Username provided by Evolution, a.k.a the extension number (required)
Domain Proxy Ensure 'Register with domain & receive calls' is checked and the radio field next to 'Domain' is selected

The account screen is where you will be entering the information provided by Evolution to configure X-lite/Bria as your softphone.

Here is an example of the output generated by Evolution when creating a 'Generic SIP' device:

You will need to input this information into the account page of X-Lite or Bria as seen here.  Be sure the password is correct, if you copy it, be sure there are no white spaces before or after the password.

After you have input the subjective information for the SIP account, click on 'OK'.  You should see the phone update and display a status near the top left indicating it has registered with Evolution:

When X-Lite or Bria is registered, the System tray icon will also display a small green check mark:

At this point the phone is registered and you should be able to make and receive calls from your softphone.

If your phone was unable to successfully register you will see a message near the top of the interface similar to this:

Additional troubleshooting steps will be required to determine the reason for the phone not registering with your Evolution PBX.

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