Advanced - SSH Access to your PBX

Evolution PBX runs in a Linux environment. You can use an SSH client to connect to the server in order to do low level operations with The system and it's services

Step-by-step guide to login via SSH to your PBX

Before you start you will want to be sure you have your root password for the system. This password can be changed by support or by following the directions found here -  Resetting the Root Password

  1. Download and install the xshell 4 client from :
  2. Run xshell. Once started select File → New this will bring up the configuration for a new session:
  3. In this windows you will need to configure a few items
    1. Under the general tab - Name : This is just a noun name for your server.
    2. Under the general tab - Host : This is the IP address of the server (NOTE: if you are accessing from a remote site you need to be sure you have port 22 TCP forwarded in your router to the internal address of the PBX please see our networking guide)
  4. Save the session information
  5. From there you will see a sessions list, simply double click on the new session entry and the client will connect.
  6. Xshell will come up with a warning about a host key. This is just the server and client authenticating with each other, you will want to click accept and save.
  7. Next Xshell will prompt your for a username enter a username of root
  8. Xshell will then prompt you for a password. Enter the password you have on record 
  9. At this point you should get the shell window and a bash prompt for the system:

From here you have access to the BASH interface of your PBX. Please see additional how to guides on BASH commands useful for maintaining and troubleshooting your PBX system.

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