How to Zoiper

This article explains how to configure your Zoiper softphone to function with your Evolution PBX.

The first thing you will need to do to configure your Zoiper softphone is to create a generic SIP extension in Evolution.

After creating the extension, open the phone and select 'settings' from the top menu bar:

Then select 'Create a new account':

When prompted, select 'SIP' from the 'Account Type' menu and click 'Next':

You will now be prompted for the account info.  Be sure to populate the user field with the extension @ the Evolution server IP, the password for the extension as well as the PBX IP for the outbound Proxy field:

In the example above you can see we entered extension 2008@ for the user field, as well as the extension's password in the password field, and the PBX's IP for the 'Domain' field.

After inputting the account into, click on 'Next'.  Label the account with a descriptive name, and click 'Next' again:

You should see a new window pop up with a progress bar as the phone registers:

After which you should receive a notification that the account has been added to the phone:

At this point, you can click 'Close' and select the dial-pad tab in the phone to make a call, check your voicemail etc.:

Verifying Registration

You can verify registration of the Zoiper softphone via the system tray icon.

When properly registered and online, the Zoiper phone will display a system tray icon will show a green circle:

When the phone is un-registered/not configured/offline, the system tray icon will have display with a red X:

Zoiper is a freely available SIP Softphone and can be found @ You will need to click on the 'download' link near the top and download the executable for your Operating system Environment.

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