How to Setup Cisco 504G

This article explains how to setup and provision a Cisco 504G SIP Phone on your Evolution UC system.

The first step to provisioning your SPA504G is to build an extension in Evolution.

After building an extension you will need to set the phone up on your LAN and acquire it's IP address.

To get the IP from the phone itself you can press the setup button (highlighted below in blue) and scroll down using the navigation button (highlighted in red) to option 9, labelled 'Network'.  

Using the 'select' soft button from the bottom left of the LCD, enter the Network menu; item number 2 is the currently address of the phone.

After acquiring the phones IP Address, you will need to access the Phones Web GUI.  Using your favorite browser, go to from the previous step.

You should be presented with a screen that appears almost identical to this:

When you first login, by default, you are logged in under the 'Basic - User' profile.  You will need to elevate your login to the 'Admin - Advanced' profile to configure the phone.

To do that, click on 'Admin Login' near the top right corner of the WWW GUI:

After you have switched to the Admin login, click the 'advanced' link (right of the Admin Login) to elevate yourself to the 'Admin - Advanced' profile.  After which the link will display 'User Login   basic | advanced" as shown here:

After elevating your access to the advanced profile you will need to input the provisioning URL so the phone can find and download its configuration.

Click on the 'Provisioning' tab in the top navigation bar:

Scroll down to the 'Profile Rule' field.  The factory default value for this field is:    /spa$PSN.cfg

You will need to change this field to:


As well as change the 'Transport Protocol' to HTTP (also highlighted in the screenshot below).

After entering the correct provisioning URL into the 'Profile Rule' field, click on the 'Submit all Changes' button near the bottom of the GUI.  When you click on 'Submit all changes' the phone will reboot.

Once the phone has finished rebooting, you will need to force it to pull its configuration with this command:


For example if the phone had an IP of and the PBX's IP was the properl URL to force the phone to provision would be:$MA.cfg

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