How to Install Evolution from DVD

Note: Reinstalling Evolution from a DVD will completely erase your Hard drive. Once the data has been deleted during the install there is absolutely no way to recover it

Before starting this process it is recommended to take a backup of your existing system.

In order to install or reinstall Evolution you will need to:

  1. Download the Evolution ISO
  2. Burn the ISO as an Image to a DVD
  3. Load the Image onto your server hardware
  4. Complete the first run wizard

Contact support to acquire the latest Evolution Image

Alternatively, you can download the latest image here


Once you have downloaded the Evolution Image you will need to burn it to a DVD.

A few of our top choices for burning images:

CDBurner XP:

You will need to download and install the image burning software on your local PC.  Once you have the image burning software installed, you can use it to burn the Evolution image to a blank DVD.

After you have successfully burned the image to a DVD you will need to load it on the server.  To do that we will need to configure the server to boot from the Evolution DVD.
On most systems during boot a splash screen appears.  Depending upon the system an F12, F11, DEL or the ESC key will usually get you into the Boot Order menu.

Once in the Boot menu, change the order to start with the DVD (prior to the hard drive) so the system boots from the Evolution installation DVD.

After booting to the DVD you should be prompted with the Installation Screen for Evolution:

Select 'Install Evolution PBX' and the installation process will start.

Please Note that Once you have started the installation, your hard drive will be wiped and EXISTING DATA WILL NO LONGER BE ACCESSIBLE.   

It is highly recommended to take a backup of your system before loading or reloading Evolution.
The installation will start by installing from the DVD, followed by a reboot.  After the reboot the server will reach out to the Intuitive Technology cloud to complete the installation.

Once the installation has completed the system console will advise what IP to access the system on via your web browser as shown here:

When you point your web browser at the systems IP address, you will be greeted with the First Run Wizard.

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