How to Disable Paging

In order to disable paging you will need to create or modify a profile with the paging setting disabled and apply it to the appropriate extensions.

To do that browse to 'Resources' → 'Profiles' and either modify an existing profile, or create a new profile with the 'Add Profile' link near left top of the page.

In our example below we have created a new profile with the descriptive name of 'NoPage'.

Additional information about profiles can be found here

You will need to change the paging setting to disabled within the profile:

After you create and define the paging setting, or modify an existing profile and change the setting, be sure to save the changes!

Once you have configured the profile setting you will need to apply it to the phones.  Browse to 'Resources' → 'Phone Extensions' and edit the appropriate extension(s) with the pencil icon.

Be sure to select the profile that you created with the paging feature disabled:

After selecting the proper profile, click on the save button to apply the changes.

At this point you will need to power cycle or reboot the phones that require the change.

Once the phones re-register with Evolution they will no longer accept pages from the PBX.

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