How to setup or disable Call Flip

How to setup Call Flip

Call flip allows you to switch live calls between your cell phone extension and your desk phone with the push of a button!

This article explains what is necessary to setup call flip.

You will need to create a cell extension that is a slave to your desk extension.  After creating the cell extension you will need to either create a new profile or modify an existing profile to ensure the call flip feature is enabled.

To edit or create a profile, browse to 'Resources' → 'Profiles' and select the appropriate profile or use the 'Add Profile' link near the top center left to create a new profile.

The value to enable call flip is labelled 'Call Flip' and highlighted in the screenshot below.  Be sure the profile for your desk phone has this setting enabled:

After creating the cell phone extension as a slave to your desk extension and ensuring the profile for your desk phone has the call flip feature enabled and applied, you will need to reboot your desk phone.

Once your desk phone has rebooted, while in an active call, you should see the call flip button (you may need to select the 'More' soft button):

When you press the 'Flip' softkey the call will end on your desk phone and be transferred to your cell phone via the slave cell phone extension.

How to disable call Flip

In order to disable call flip you will need to modify the profile to set 'Call Flip' to disabled, followed by a reboot of the phones.

After the phones reboot, you should no longer have the flip button soft key on the phones screen.

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