How to setup Silent Music on Hold (aka No Music on Hold)

Because Music on Hold (MoH) is a default feature it exist on every extension on the system.

If you would like your extensions to have no Music on Hold you will need to setup a silent MoH category and assign it to the appropriate profile.

First, we will need to create a MoH category that contains a silent MP3.  To do that, browse to 'Resources' → 'Music on Hold' and create a new category with the 'New Record' link:

When creating the new Silent MoH category be sure to assign it an ID and a name:

After creating the new MoH category it will show in the MoH category list as shown here:

Click on the 'Pencil' icon to edit the category.  When you do, you will be presented with a popup window:

Click on 'Choose File' and upload a silent MP3 recording.

Right click this link and select 'save as...' to download a silent 1 minute MP3 recording

After uploading the silent recording be sure to save your changes.

At this point you have created a MoH class that will play no audio. The next step is to assign it to the desired extension(s) via the proper profile.

Browse to 'Resources' → 'Profiles' and edit the appropriate profile, or create a new profile defining the Silent MoH Category:

Be sure to select the proper MoH category and save it to the profile:

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