How to Setup Grandstream Phones

How to Setup Grandstream Phones

This article describes the process for provisioning Grandstream devices on your Evolution PBX.

Important noteGrandstream Auto configuration requires Evolution version 5.0.6 or above.

In order to provision your Grandstream phone with your Evolution PBX you will need to configure an extension and then tell the phone where to find and downloads its configuration from.

Be sure you select the correct model of Grandstream phone!

After creating the extension in Evolution you will need to access the phone's WWW interface.  To do that browse to the phones IP address in your web browser:

Once there login to the phones interface (admin is the default user and pass), and browse to 'Maintenance' → 'Upgrade and Provisioning':

After the page renders, you will need to input the server IP Address or FQDN into the 'Firmware Server Path' and 'Config Server Path' fields, as well as change the 'Upgrade via' server type to 'HTTP' as shown in the screenshot below.

For version 4.x Evolution systems:


For version 5.x Evolution systems:




In this example we have pointed the phones @, as the PBX is Evolution version 5 and the IP of the PBX is

After inputting the subjective PBX info, click on 'Save and Apply', followed by 'Reboot' near the top right side of the phone's GUI:

Your Grandstream phone should now download its config, as well as firmware (if applicable), and register with your Evolution PBX.

You can confirm the phone has registered with Evolution via the WWW interface; you should see a green box labelled 'Yes' under the SIP Registration on the 'Account Status' page:

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