Intuitive VoIP Phone Lines

Step-by-step guide

Follow these steps to enable your Intuitive VoIP Trunks

  1. Goto Resources -> Phone Lines in your web interface
  2. Select Add Phone Lines and choose VoIP-IntuitiveVoIP from the list.

  3. Setup the following fields:
    1. Account ID: Unique name to refer to the line i.e. IV_Primary
    2. MaxCalls: For metered service set this to unlimited. For unlimited trunks set to the number of lines purchased. Most customers purchase metered services so if you are unsure set this to unlimited. 
    3. Click Advanced checkbox
    4. Proxy Address: Set this to
    5. E911 DID Number: Set this to your primary phone number that E911 service is activated on. There is a validation check to make sure this field is accurate. If you have not provided 911 details to us you will be required to in order to save this record.
    6. All other fields should remain at their default values.

  4. Setup your inbound phone numbers.
    1. On the right hand side input each of your telephone numbers without the leading 1. 
    2. Point each number to the resource on the phone system you would like to route to,
    3. The description field is an optional field that will be displayed on the phone when a call arrives. This is used to notify the agent which line they are receiving a call from.

  5. Create a duplicate entry for our backup proxy.
    1. Complete steps 1-3 again.
      1. Set Account ID to a unique name i.e. IV_Backup
      2. Under proxy address use
      3. You do not need to define the inbound phone numbers in this screen. 
      4. All other settings are the same as the first time.  

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