How to Upgrade or Downgrade Polycom Firmware

This article explains how to upgrade or downgrade your Polycom phone with Polycom's publicly available provisioning server.

The publicly available provisioning server contains multiple firmware versions which can be utilized to quickly upgrade or downgrade your Polycom phone. 
The various directories on the server each contain a different version of the firmware.

To provision your Polycom Phone from the publicly available server:

  1. In the phones local menu's, select Menu or Home → Settings → Advanced (pass is 456) → Administration Settings → Network Configuration 
  2. Adjust DHCP as follows:
    • On a 3.x firmware Phone:  Main Menu → Settings → Advanced → Admin Settings → Network Configuration → DHCP Menu
    • On a 4.x/5.x firmware Phone:  Home Home Button → Settings → Advanced → Admin Settings → Network Configuration → Provisioning Server → DHCP Menu
    • Set the Boot Server as: Static
    • Set the BootSrv Type to:  IP Address
  3. From the Provisioning Server menu set the server type as:  HTTP
  4. Change the Server Address to: or

    1. Where XXX is the firmware version you are upgrading or downgrading to
    2. Available Firmware versions include:
  5. 541 531 520 417 407 4013 335
    540 530 513 416 406 4012 332
    533 523 511 411 405 4011 dg
    532 522 418 408 404 4010

    For example, if you want to upgrade the phones firmware to version 4013 you would enter: or

    Or, if you want to upgrade the phones firmware to version 541 you would enter: or

    If you wanted to downgrade the the phones firmware from Version 4.X or 5.X to version 3.X, you would enter: or

    Note: the 1/A/a button on the phone changes the input type.  The leftmost character is the current input type.  For example, 1/A/a would be entering numbers where as A/a/1 would be input in upper case letters.

    After you have entered the correct server address and firmware version, be sure to exit the menus until you are prompted to save and reboot. 

    The phone may reboot a couple of times and present various statuses as it is downgrading or upgrading the firmware configuration.

    After upgrading or downgrading the phones firmware from the publicly available Polycom firmware server, you will need to set the Boot server back to  Custom+Opt.66 and the BootSrv Type back to String as well as ensure the phone is properly configured for your PBX.

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