Version 5 Upgrade Notes

Most upgrades will require a reboot of the phone system and potentially a reboot of the phones if there were changes to the phones firmware. Each release below contains specific instructions relating to the changes related that release, be sure to read the release notes for all releases between the version you are on and the version you are going to. 

To upgrade your system follow this how to:

Version 5.0.6

  • Allow + Sign in CID 
  • Added ability to migrate between ODBC Voicemail storage and Files (Files Preferred) 
  • Improved Accuracy of Voice Recognition by seeding results with only expected input 
  • Added host name support for Polycom/Grandstream via config files (Remote Phones) 
  • *** Added new Polycom Phones and switched firmware versions for Polycom IP IP321/331, IP335, IP450, IP550, IP560, IP650, IP670 IP5000, SoundStation Duo, IP6000,IP 7000 
    This change will modify the display of the phone, previously all line appearances referenced the phones extension number. Now only the first line appearance, leaving the other lines available to be programmed through the Button Map.  
  • Exposed the Button Map tab in Professional Edition (Limited to the default) 
  • Fixed bug that causes Parked calls that time out to terminate
  • Added support for Grandstream 2130,2140,2160,2170 (Other phones auto configured but not recommended at this time)
  • Fixed issue where new extension groups need to be re-saved in order to work

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