How To Link Two Evolution Systems

  1. Step-by-step guide

    Follow these steps to be bale to dial extensions between two Evolution PBX systems.

    Note: Enterprise Edition automatically links systems and provides additional integration.
    1. Browse to 'Resources' → 'Phone Lines' in your web interface:
    2. Select 'Add Phone Lines' and choose 'VoIP-Generic' from the list:
    3. Setup the following fields:
      1. Account ID: A Unique name to refer to the trunk, E.G.: TO_SITENAME
      2. MaxCalls: set this to unlimited
      3. Click Advanced checkbox
      4. Auth Type: Set to IP Only
      5. Proxy Address: Set this to IP Address of the other system
      6. Heartbeat: Disabled
      7. All other fields should remain at their default values.
    4. Setup the inbound routes.
      1. On the right hand side add a wildcard in the number field: _X.  This will accept the inbound traffic and forward to the local dialplan.
      2. Point the new route at Custom Routing Rule 15091
      3. Save the record
  1. Browse to 'Call Routing' → 'Outbound Dialmap' in the Evolution web interface.
    1. Add a new route to route to the other PBX:
    2. Populate the following fields:
      1. Route Name: A Unique name to refer to the site, E.G.: ToSite1
      2. Outbound Dial String: Extension range at other site, For Example: _7XX
      3. Try First: VoIP Provider, choose the one you just created above
      4. Save the Record
  2. Goto 'Resources' → 'Profiles' in your web interface
    1. Add permission under Outbound Routes section in the profile that need access to the new route
    2. Save the record

Repeat these steps on each Evolution system with the appropriate subjective adjustments (the IP and extension range) to trunk them together.

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