How to Setup Yealink W52P

These instructions will walk you through the setup of a Yealink W52P with Evolution

Step-by-step guide

Creating an extension in Evolution:

  1. Go to Resources -> Phone Extensions
  2. Under the Add Extension box choose VoIP - Generic SIP
  3. Assign your device an extension, Caller ID Name, Caller ID Number, and other settings as desired. 
  4. Upon saving your extension you will get a pop-up with setting to enter into the Yealink interface.

To enter settings into the Yealink W52P

  1. Plug in your Yealink W52P according to the admin guide below
  2. Once powered on press the ok button on the phone 3 times to get the IP. 
  3. From a web browser browse to the IP of the phone.
  4. The default username is admin and password is admin
  5. Go to Account and set the following fields for Account1
    1. Line Active = Enabled
    2. Label = Extension #
    3. Display Name = Extension #
    4. Register Name = Extension #
    5. User Name = Extension #
    6. Password = Password from popup (be sure not to cut the white space before or after the password)
    7. Server Host = IP of Evolution
    8. Choose Confirm
  6. You should now see your registration status as registered and your device is working

You may also reference the Yealink W52P admin guide.

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