Reset Your Polycom Phone to Factory Defaults

There are times you may want to reset your phone to factory defaults. One of the most common is to regenerate the directory and on screen defaults based on changes that have happened in your company. 

Step-by-step guide

Resetting the Polycom VVX Series is rather simple.

  1. From the Idle screen press and hold 1, 3, & 5 simultaneously until prompted for a password. Alternatively this can be done when the phone is booting by selecting 'cancel' when the 'starting application' dialog appears. After selecting 'cancel', the Welcome screen will appear and start counting down, at that point hold down 1, 3, & 5 simultaneously.
  2. Once prompted for a password type: 456
  3. When the phone reboots you will need to reset your provisioning servers IP to the IP of your phone system. 
  4. This is located in the menu under: Settings → 2: Advanced → Password (456) → 1: Admin Settings → 1: Network Configuration → Provisioning Server  → Server Address
  5. Click the mode button and select IP
  6. Enter the IP address of your phone system. Use the star key for periods.
  7. Press Save or Ok and then Back until you are prompted to 'Save Config'.  Once the phone has saved the updated configuration, it will reboot and attempt to provision itself. 
For other Polycom Models of phones the key sequence may be different, here is list of the appropriate key combinations:
  • SoundPoint IP 550, 560, and 650, and VVX 1500: 4, 6, 8, and * dial pad keys
  • SoundPoint IP 321, 331, 335, 450, SoundStation 5000, 7000 and SoundStation Duo: 1, 3, 5, and 7 dial pad keys
  • SoundStation IP 6000: 6, 8, and * dial pad key
  • VVX 101, 201, 300, 301, 311, 400, 401, 410, 500, 501 and 601: 1, 3, 5 dial pad keys
Additionally you can reset the phone through the menu interface.
  1. Enter Settings menu under: Settings → 2: Advanced → Password (456) → 1: Admin Settings →5: Reset to Defaults
  2. Through this menu different models present different options.  As rule of thumb, you should reset each of them individually from top to bottom to make sure you clear the entire configuration. 
  3. For the newer VVX Models, the reset to Factory Default should suffice.

If your phone is not booting up with a valid configuration, the most frequently encounter cause is the MAC address of the phone was not entered correct in the Evolution PBX Web interface.

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