How to create a Call Pickup key Button

How to create a Call Pickup Button Map Key

This article describes how to create a button map key that will enable a user to pick up a ringing call on another extension with the press of a button.

You will first need to go to 'Call Routing' → 'Speed Dial Numbers' and create a speed dial via 'Add Speed Dial'.

The speed dial will consist of a unique name, the code to dial to access the speed dial, and the actual dial string:

In this case, for call pickup, you will need to use the code 9*XXX where XXX is the extension of the phone you would like to pickup when it is ringing.

Once you have created the speed dial, browse to 'Resources' → 'Button Map' and modify an existing, or create a new, button map.

You will need to add an entry that is pointed at the Speed Dial created above, for example Line 1 below:

After you have updated or created the button map entries, you will need to re-save the phone extension(s) and reboot the phone(s) so they download the updated configuration.

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