How to Set IP via Single User Mode

How to set Evolution's IP via single user mode

To change Evolution's IP without access to the system over the LAN, after the system has been installed (the first run wizard has already been ran) you will need to access the system in 'Single User' mode and manually update the address. 

Single User Mode

To access the system in 'single user' mode you will need access to the PBX's console as it boots.

When the splash screen is displayed, press the up Arrow (↑) to interrupt the boot process (you may need to tap it multiple times):

When the boot process is successfully interrupted you will see this GRUB boot-loader screen.  Select ' e' (for edit) on the keyboard:

When you press ' e' you should see something similar to the following:

Ensure the line that starts with 'kernel' is highlighted (using the arrows on the keyboard), then select the letter ' e' again.  When you do you will see an entry like this:

At the end of this entry we are going to add the following: a single

Be sure to include a space between the last character on the line and the 'a', as well as between the 'a' and 's' in 'single'  (as shown in the screenshot below) and press the enter key:

After pressing enter you will be returned to the splash screen with 3 entries:

Ensure the 'kernel' line is selected and press 'b' on the keyboard (as in boot).  The system should boot into single user mode:

The system is has now been booted into single user mode.

Manually Changing the IP Address

Once the system has been booted into single user mode you will need to manually edit the configuration file for the Ethernet interface.

The configuration file is located @ /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX where X is the interface being modified.  In our example below we are using the text editor VI to modify Ethernet interface 0, represented as 'ifcfg-eth0':

After opening the file with VI you should see something similar to this.  There may be additional lines present in your file:

You will need to ensure a valid IP Address, Gateway and Subnet Mask are all populated as well as ensure the onboot field is set to 'yes'.

In this example you can see that the values are input as:


This will set your Evolution system to boot as IP address with a subnet mask of or a /24 and a gateway of  The 'ONBOOT=yes' setting will ensure the interface is started when the system starts.

After modifying the icfg-eth0 configuration file you will need to save your changes and reboot the system.  Once the system reboot's it should be online with the IP you set above.

Notes regarding VI text editor:

  • You must use the letter 'i' to enter insert mode to edit the file
  • When done editing press 'esc' to exit insert mode
  • To save your changes, you must exit insert mode, followed by a colon + 'x' + enter (:x)

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