How to External Voicemail Access

This intent of this article is to show how users can dial into Evolution and access their voicemail from anywhere.

Evolution has the capability of emailing voicemails; this article describes the process of accessing the voicemail system from outside of the office via a phone call.

Direct to Extension Method

Any voicemail box on the system can be access by pressing the star (*) button on your phone while the greeting is still playing.  

It does not matter how the call was directed to the extension; it can be from a transfer, directly dialed courtesy of a DID, from an Auto Attendant as an option or as a direct dial etc.

When you press the star (*) button you will be prompted for the mailbox number followed by the pin.

VoiceMailAdmin Auto Attendant Method

Alternatively you can point a DID/Inbound Route, or any option in an auto attendant at the 'VoicemailAdmin' auto attendant as shown in the examples below.

Inbound Route

Inbound route 480-566-1234 set directly to the VoiceMailAdmin:

Auto Attendant

An Auto Attendant with option 8 set to the VoiceMailAdmin:

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