How to change config files to Hostname or FQDN

Part of the feature set Evolution offers is the ability to create custom configuration files based on user input in the system, specific to various types of phone models and brands.

One of these parameters is related to the registration destination for the phone(s).  By default Evolution generates custom configuration files based on the 'Local IP' field or, for remote phones, the 'External IP' field.

To change the config files to the Hostname, or FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) browse to 'Administration' → 'Node Settings' & modify the appropriate node.  In our case  there is only one node:

After the node settings have rendered, you will need to select the drop down named 'Use Hostname' and set to 'Enabled' as shown here:

That has the affect of utilizing the 'Hostname' field for the configuration files in contrast to the 'Local IP' or the 'External IP'.

After that browse back to 'Resources' → 'Extensions' and re-save at least one of the affected extensions.  

Once that has been completed, your phone's provisioning files will all be set to register at the hostname of the PBX.

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