How to add a DID or Inbound Route

This article explains how to add a DID or Inbound Route to your Evolution System.

After logging into the Evolution interface, browse to 'Resources' → 'Phone Lines'.  Here you will be presented with a current list of the trunks on your Evolution UC system.

From there, you can select the appropriate trunk you need to add a DID to and edit it with the Pencil icon:

After you open the trunk you should see something similar to the screenshot below (you may have more and varying DID's and their associated destinations).

Using the next available field in the 'Number Column' you will need to enter the DID as provided to you by your trunking provider. 

In our example below we have added the DID '4805127991' to the trunk and pointed it at an Auto-Attendant named 'MainAA'.

After inputting the new DID and pointing it at the desired destination, be sure to click 'Save' to apply your changes.

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