How to setup a Conference Bridge

How to setup a Conference Bridge

Conference rooms can be accessed internally by dialing the conference room number directly or by dialing the conference access code (*10) followed by the conference room number and pin.

If you would like to permit external users to have similar access to a conferences you will need to configure a conference bridge.

To setup a conference bridge, browse to 'Resources' → 'Phone Lines' and edit the appropriate trunk with the pencil icon:

You now need to point the DID you would like to use for the conference bridge at the Auto Attendant named 'ConferenceAdmin' as shown here:

After you have set the destination be sure to save your changes.

In our configuration shown above dialing 480.249.6987 would answer the same as if you were internally dialing *10 and allow an external user access to conference bridge from the PSTN.

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