How to Create and Record an Announcement

This article explains how to create an announcement in Evolution.

Announcements are generally utilized for the message on an Auto Attendant or in Custom Routing Rules.

There are two ways to record an announcement.

From within the Evolution GUI

In order to create an announcement you will need to browse to 'Resources' → 'Announcements'.

From here click on 'New Record' near the top center of the page.  When you do, you will be presented with a popup window that looks like this:

Be sure to select an available announcement number in the left hand drop down and enter a descriptive name in the 'Description' field.

After saving the record, you should see it populate in the Announcement listing:

Now you can click on the 'CD with a Green Plus' icon on the right hand side to upload a recording:

When you do you will be prompted with a window similar to this:

From here click on 'Choose File' and select the locally available file to upload.  Once the file has successfully completed uploading you should see a play button icon where 'no' was in the 'Recorded' column:

Note: You will need to ensure the file is a normal MP3 or Linux Compatible Audio file

If you would like to listen to or download the Announcement, click on the play button. A new window will appear that will allow you to play as well as download the recording.

Directly from a Phone

Alternatively, you can record an announcement from any phone on your system by dialing  5000 and following the prompts.

  1. Dial 5000
  2. Enter the announcement number you wish to record (be sure you created a blank announcement in the Evolution GUI)
  3. Begin recording your announcement after the tone, press the # key when you're finished.
  4. Press 1 to play back the announcement you recorded.

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